Black Truth

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This design is a critique of Europeans' tendency to whitewash history whenever they think they can get away with it.  For example, even several decades after Cheikh Anta Diop scientifically proved that ancient Egyptians were Black, you still have white actors playing pharaohs in movies.  They won't tell you that not only did Columbus not "discover" anything, but Africans had a significant presence in the America millennia before Europeans accidently found it.  They would have you believe that Black people never developed an advanced civilization worth mentioning and we were all living in various states of barbarism before they came along and civilized us.  Nothing could be further from the truth, so this shirt is meant to spark conversations that set the record straight!


Two great books to read more about this are Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization and The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality.


Don't know who the Black woman in the bottom half is?  'Tis none other than Queen Tiye.

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NOTE: Sister's shirt fits like a baby tee.

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