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This is a collaboration with @blacknomadlife ( for the true world travelers and digital nomads that leave home for weeks and months at a time to travel the world, not just for work or vacation, but also for life experience and learning. BlackNomads was created to encourage more of OUR people to get out there and experience the world for extended periods of time. In the past few years, many travel-related sites and social media pages have popped up targeting Black travelers, but they're mainly geared towards vacations and jetsetting. Nomad life is on a whole different level. Being able to pack a backpack and carry-on to last for an indefinite amount of time takes a different level of effort and thought. Living in another country where you don't speak the language for a month or three is not the same as being a tourist for a weekend. It can be hard to find other Black people who can travel like this, so BlackNomads wants to build a community of people to share nomad travel tips, discover new locations suitable for nomads, and even meet up with other Black Nomads (and aspiring nomads) around the world. Tag pics and selfies wearing this shirt with @blacknomadlife on ig and twitter and share your travel stories.

This lightweight t-shirt is very comfortable and a great choice if you need a light and soft top. Wrinkle resistant and great for travel.  The turtle-looking symbol in the logo is a West African adinkra symbol, Denkyem, which is actually a crocodile and means adaptability, a key trait for a nomad.