Maat Seven

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In the Ancient Egyptian/Kemetic System of Spirituality the goddess Ma'at was the female balance of the god Tehuti and symbolizes the seven principles/virtues represented in this design. The declarations of Ma'at were used as a moral code for the living and the standard by which the dead would be judged. The Kemites believed that when one died, their heart would be weighed against these principles. After the heart was weighed, it would be judged whether that soul would receive a heavenly reward or not.  Ma'at is the divine order that maintains the universe/cosmos and society.

By practicing Ma'at, our rewards are also received here in this life, because the right spirit, right mind, right emotion, right word, brings forth right action and from right action, a just reward is received. As above, so below, you reap what you sow.  It has also been confirmed by many scholars that the 42 Declarations of Ma'at are the source of the Ten Commandments and that the origin and foundation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam can be traced back to ancient Kemet (Egypt), where the concept of Ma'at originates.

Notice something missing in this design?  It says Maat Seven but there are only 6 virtues listed.  The virtue that's missing is not represented in the design by a word, it's represented by the entire design.  The name of the missing virtue is a discount code for 5% off this product (lowercase letters).  Figure it out and save some money!

To learn more about this and other aspects of Kemet read Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization.


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photo credit: Dr. Samori Camara, founder of Kamali Academy: an Afrikan-centered homeschool