No Hyphen

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Some people won't get this...even more won't agree.  This isn't for them.  This is for all Afrikan people to show solidarity.  Whether you're so-called African American, Afro Caribbean, Black British, Afro Cuban, Nigerian, Ghanaian, etc., we're all Afrikan first (or human first, Afrikan second to be more accurate).
The six stars in the United States of Afrika seal are for the 5 regions of Afrika plus the sixth region being the Diaspora.  "Uhuru na Umoja" means Freedom and Unity in Swahili, which is the most widely spoken Afrikan language.  Also, in Swahili, Africa is spelled Afrika, which is why you see a lot of people in the "conscious" community spell it that way.  The silhouette of Afrika is shown with South "up".  Most advanced ancient Afrikan civilizations, who knew the world was a sphere and had even calculated its circumference thousands of years before the Europeans that created the modern maps you're used to seeing, oriented themselves towards the south - south is up and east is left.  In fact, in ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) language, the word for "east" is the same as "left" and "west" the same as "right."