Books - The Developmental Psychology Of The Black Child

The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child

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  • Are Black and White children the same?
  • Is the Black child merely a White child who happens to be "painted" black?
  • Are there any significant differences in the mental and physical growth and development of Black and White children?
  • What effects do race awareness have on the mental and personality development of Black children?
  • Is the use of Black English a sign of mental inferiority?
  • Why do Black children generally score lower than White children on IQ tests?
  • Why have integrated schools failed so many Black children?
  • Is growing up within an alienating Eurocentric mythological-cultural envelope as relentlessly projected through video games, books, radio, TV, film, and the internet (we may add), hazardous to the mental health of Black children?
  • Will White America or will Black America save Black Children?

If you have been looking for a single source dealing with these and related questions from a black perspective, this is the book for you.  This seminal and thought-provoking, recently revitalized text visits many little-known facts and surprising details about Afrikan children.  It presents and honest, poignant, spirited and in-depth description of the world of Black parent and child - from conception to school age - in Eurocentric American society.  The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, first of a series dealing with the growth, development and education of the Black children, is the first book that deals exclusively with the physical and psychological development of Black children in a scholarly but readily understandable way.  Professor Wilson forthrightly confronts these and other issues, tenaciously pursues implications and sets forth positive approaches, insights, and recommendations.