Two Thousand Seasons

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by Ayi Kwei Armah

This novel is set in the harshest century  of the Atlantic Slaving War that for three hundred years devastated Africa while lifting Europe to affluent world dominance.  Europeans have come to call that period The Enlightenment.  For Africans it was a time of senseless human sacrifice imposed by the worship of The Market and its blood-thirsty god, Profit.  This novel tells the story of that terror-soaked age from the viewpoint of Africa's slaughtered millions.

It follows a group of young initiates, eleven women and nine men, as they get tricked and sold into slavery by a collaborator king.  During the Atlantic crossing they organize a shipboard revolt, then return to the wasted continent to begin their lifework: finding ways to stop the destruction of life, to retrieve a society built on life-giving values.