New Year, New Site, New Strategy

The new site is fresh right? But it’s not just a cosmetic makeover, we’ve made a couple other changes as well:

1) Getting more in touch with our social enterprise roots, we’re donating 5% of all proceeds to various causes that are in line with our mission of Black empowerment.

2) We’ve added a membership package for our most loyal fans that just can’t get enough dN. This should save you some money as well as help us to connect and collaborate more with our best customers.

3) We’re shifting more of our products to Made in Africa shirts. The color options are limited right now, so that’s why we’re not moving everything over immediately. Our goal is to have all of our products manufactured in Africa from 100% African cotton.

4) More products for the ladies, finally…because we love you and it makes us feel bad when you yell at us for not having enough options for you.