about us

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In the streetwear game there are plenty of hot lines with great designers, but very few of them are actually saying anything.  If you think about it, your t-shirt is like a billboard, and every day you're walking around advertising something (or maybe nothing if it's a blank tee or a meaningless design) .   That advertisement says something about the person wearing it and has an effect (conscious or subconscious) on the people around him/her.  Why waste that valuable advertising space?  Why not use it to uplift the people?  In a world dominated by ignorance and negative messages/ideas, it's refreshing to see someone using that "billboard" space to advertise something positive.  For that brief moment you know that there are other people out there that have not lost their minds.  And that positive energy is infectious and magnetic.  With enough people catching on, we can start to turn this situation around.  That's positive propaganda, and that's why we're here... 

Our Mission
To promote positive messages, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity to the youth through fashion, entertainment, and media in order to help combat the negative messages that they are bombarded with every day.

The Brand
We firmly believe that through our products we can increase the number of socially conscious individuals around the world, and, in turn, increase their impact on the community. By serving as a visual and audio representation of the Black Empowerment Movement, our brand can help to inspire action and combat the apathy that has taken over many aspects of the Black community.

The Company
Started in 2006 by seven recent college graduates, dN|Be began with a committment to empowering the Black community through fashion and entertainment. We do not view ourselves strictly as an apparel company; we are really an idea/message company that happens to promote our ideas via fashion and entertainment. 

The Logo
Our logo, The Rankh, represents enlightenment and knowledge and is a combination of two ancient Egyptian (or Kemetic for those that know better) symbols: the Eye of Ra and the Ankh. In short, The Eye of Ra symbolizes the sun/light and the ability to perceive that which is illuminated, and the Ankh is the symbol of life.


South Up ("Upside down" Afrika) 
From time to time we may use an image of Afrika in our designs that appears to be upside down.  There is a historical reason for this (our ancestors viewed the world this way with South pointing up, which is why Upper Egypt is south of lower Egypt) but it is also making a statement.  It's about challenging the assumptions you've been taught that have consciously or sub-consciously influenced your worldview.  If something as simple as the orientation of a map can be challenged, think about what else you think you know that may be wrong or open to interpretation.  The revolution begins in your mind!