dangerousNEGRO Photo Contest


dangerousNEGRO Photo Contest

Take a pic, win a tee

SUBMIT ALL PICTURES BY JULY 25th, 2010 to info@dnbeapparel.com, 

subject line: dN Photo Contest - [Your Name]


Take a picture of someone wearing a dN tee that is currently available on the website (or just the t-shirt itself like in the above pic) in a dangerousNEGRO situation.  Something that you think reflects what it means to be a dangerousNEGRO....like at a library, in front of the Great Pyramid, at the shooting range, in an urban/community garden, reading your favorite book, etc.  Get creative with it.  Random is good.  Controversial...even better.  Hi-res pics please, so your raggedy 1.4 MP camera phone probably isn't the best look.

Deadline for submissions is July 30th, 2010.  We'll pick 15 winners by July 30th.  All winners get a free dN Definition tee.  The top 3 winners get an Annual Membership Package, which includes 3 tees and discounts on future orders.