Fresh Goods: Nice Guy

This design was inspired by one of the fans on our facebook page, Barry Kelley, who posted a comment replying to our question asking the ladies what they're looking for, since there is supposed to be this shortage of "good men."  To quote part of the comment:

"...ladies stop dating goons. All dudes wanna be like the dudes that get the women. Ya'll start reading black enterprise and start talking about the ceos you wanna be with and see if you don't see an uptick in dudes that wanna get educations. Dudes buy ugly watches and big chains trying to impress ya'll by emulating the guys you are impressed with. You start being impressed with dudes who read and making that the popular thing to look for among young ladies, and dudes will fall right in line. even in ignorance young men are not without aim."

"... in short, good guys are in short supply cause we haven't been raising em in large numbers, and cause it hasn't been advertised very well that good guys could be are the guys to be. Lotta self described goons soldiers and hustlers, very few of us self described nice guys."