Fresh Goods: Liberate ATL

ATL is our HQ and where most of our fans live, so it was only proper that our first tee in Liberate [insert city name] series show love to the A.  More cities to follow, but for now help us liberate Atlanta by buying this fundraiser t-shirt.  $5 from each shirt sale will go to various causes in the city, which will rotate over time.  Right now we're starting with HABESHA and The purpose of 10-10-50 is to spark and stimulate power building activity by a large segment of the African (Black) Community in America and beyond. 

10: Each person of African descent who would consider himselfor herself seriously concerned about the plight of African (Black) people must commit a minimum of ten (10) hours each month to a community based organization or institution concerned with the uplift and improvement of our people. This means dedicating yourself to the excellent performance of your chosen organization or institution and helping to make your chosen organization or institution the very best that it can be. – We must build strong organizations and institutions --- none of us are justified sitting on the sideline complaining about what others are not doing. 

10: Commit a minimum of $10 every month to help fund your chosen organization or institution. Make a conscious effort to choose an organization or institution that needs your help. 

50: Transfer or redirect, at a minimum, an additional $50 from your monthly budget to support African (Black) owned and operated businesses. $50 a month should not be the total you spend, but use your creativity to find ways to spend an additional $50 each month. – Make it known to these businesses that you support 10-10-50. Demand that they give good service and that they reinvest in our community. is sponsored and hosted by the African Community Centers for Unity and Self-Determination, Inc. (ACCUSD). ACCUSD is a non-profit and tax-exempt corporation with the single aim of helping to develop and maintain "Functional Unity" among African (Black) people in America and throughout the world.

HABESHA, Inc:  a Pan-African organization that cultivates leadership in youth through practical experiences in cultural education, sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship, holistic health, and technology. HABESHA is a volunteer-based non-profit organization founded in 2002 that is committed to the education and upliftment of youth of African descent who live in areas where there is a high rate of poverty, crime, violence, and who may be at risk because of environmental or other circumstances. It is our wish to assure the spread of education among Africans throughout the world. In the education and training of the younger generation lies the hope of African peoples and the keys to our future.