Kanye isn't crazy. You are.

We weren't going to speak on Yegate, but after watching this interview, it deserves a mention.  If you haven't watched this interview between Charlamagne Tha God and Kanye, you definitely should before you speak on the subject.  Kanye is operating on a completely different level than most people are even capable of understanding.  He's being attacked because the powers that be don't want Black people thinking this way.  Best believe if you all stop being drones and start really paying attention to what he's saying, they will try to take him out.  This is the type of talk that gets Black people killed.

First, Kanye West is not crazy.  Genius looks like crazy to simple-minded, ignorant people.  He is growing and developing his own ideas and doesn't have much of a filter, but he's definitely not crazy.  Watch the interview and tell us exactly which parts are you think are crazy.  It's probably just something you're not capable of understanding yet.

He's talking about building his own, not being controlled, and bucking the system.  He's also not perfect.  Learn what you can and discard the rest.  In the meantime, instead of worry about what he's saying or what dumb-ass thing Trump did today, why don't you go volunteer at an urban farm, help build a house for people that need shelter, or donate to an Afrikan-centered school.  The choice is yours.