The Bailout and Reparations

By Tre Millyanz

I just have one point to make to all you hankerchief-headed Negroes out there that don't "believe" in can't ever say that the U.S. can't afford to give reparations to Blacks in America (for slavery and Jim Crow semi-slavery).  They spend $700 billion for a bailout and have a $661 billion budget for the so-called Department of Defense, but Blacks, who weren't even allowed to read for 400 years, still have to pay for college?  $700 billion and our people still lag behind on every economic indicator imaginable?  If this sounds right to you, please seek professional psychological help immediately.

Now you see that money is no object when it's in their self interest to spend in order to avoid disaster.  Given that statement, you should know the answer to this question:  How do you make the US government and society in general interested in giving African Americans reparations?]]>