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Spitting Flames In The Booth

It’s so cold in the D… only because Detroit transplant, Reo, has brought his flame spitting to H-Town.  In a city that already boasts a naturally warm climate, Reo has only supplied more heat with his mixtape mastery and Waynesque work ethic.  The D.O.E Records alum has made quite a name for himself with features on the Smart Is The New Gangsta Mixtape by dangerousNEGRO and handling half the bars on the Devilz Night Mixtape with G-Hustler.  Reo is a revolutionary wrath inducer, trapped inside the body of an emcee.  dN|Be Apparel caught up with him yesterday for an interesting chat.  Check it out:

1. What makes you a dangerous emcee?
Reo: The fact that I am educated, intelligent, and informed. The fact that I offer more than rhymes that reflect my reality, but a solution to escape those realities. I don’t think many cats offer that. They kick stories about how they’re in the hood. How they sale drugs, but that’s exactly what the powers that be want us to think. So the dangerous part is not just the ability to escape because that’s potential energy. It’s not the fact that you escaped. The dangerous part is showing someone else how to do what you’ve done and to succeed in those tasks that you’ve accomplished, but keep in mind that this is done while maintaining your dignity and respect.

2. Who are some of your influences (musical and otherwise)?
Reo: As a kid I always wanted to be Run D.M.C. because they came on the scene and did Rock Music in their own way. They didn’t compromise their character by dressing in them funny outfits. It was done how they wanted it. And I realized that as a kid. I’ve always wanted to make beautiful music like Stevie Wonder. Poetic Like Nas, loved like Biggie, respected like Pac, and rich like Jigga.

3. What is your goal in this whole Hip Hop thing?
Reo: My Goal…my goal is to get my voice heard. I want to be able to touch the world with my ideas and experiences and just share my thought patterns with insightful people. After that I’m comming to collect my checks ya heard!

4. Spit your dopest bar to date!

Reo: My background far from the playground, I seek currency Never do I play around

5. Who are your top 5 dead or alive?

Reo: hate this question cause it’s so many cats that I appreciate. So I’m say (and not in no particular order)
KRS-One, Nas, Jigga, Big, Rakim…and then Imma sneak Andre 3000 in there with Scarface, the D.O.C, Ice Cube (of course)…hahaha it’s just too many great people to list top 5.

6. What can we expect from you in the next year?
Reo: You can expect two types of projects. Two official release projects and then some mixtape stuff. In terms of the official projects; expect one late spring which will be a solo release (finally) and then in the fall I’m going to do something with Str8Shoota from D.O.E Records and that should be crazy. Then you can always expect to find mixtapes with some H-town cats. I’ve been working with some guys in Houston doing some mixtape stuff, a singer by the name of J-Iz and a rapper G-Hustler. So all this music should be exciting.

Stay tuned for big things from Reo coming soon!]]>