Killing Black Business

going-out-of-businessFarbeit for me to become another of those black liberals just finding things to hang around white folks and Republicans' necks like fiery cross-shaped albatrosses. Though, they do give us a lot of material to work with. I mean, they have an entire cable news channel we can dress down every day!

But. It is important that we offer policy proposals and other ideas to move us as a community and the nation forward. And here's one idea: the government should actually help keep black business strong and not collaborate in its destruction!

Via my new black blogosphere friend, Btx3:

President Obama wasn’t kidding about the demolition of small business under the Bushit administration. This data derived from statistics kept by the National Association of Small Business Investment Companies pretty much says it all.

The Shrinking Small Business Pie

The Shrinking Small Business Pie - SBIC Investment Under Bush

Look at that bottom right number, and as part of the “Shrinking pie” - it isn’t hard to discern whose shorts got hit the hardest.

Look at the bottom line - that was the shrinking percentage to Women and Minority owned businesses, down from 26% in 1998.

When you consider that only about 3% of the commercial Venture Capital money goes to women owned businesses, and .03% goes to black owned businesses - you begin to understand the “problem”.


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