school-desegregation1More often than not, we tend to look at history and give the events and people in it a Godlike aura. We dare not question the success of yesterday or feel as blasphemers to our race. But what if the successes of today lay in just that, questioning the “successes” of yesterday?

I say that to bring in desegregation. It has been widely documented that we as Black people in Amerika have proportionately not made any strides since the signing of the Civil Rights Act in 1965. In fact, some would argue that we have gone backward. Yeah, we have a lot more millionaires, but that is because Amerika itself has more millionaires. Yeah, we produce more college graduates, but what have these professionals done for the whole of the community. As of right now, we have more young Black Men dying in the streets every year than soldiers who died in Vietnam. Jobs seemed to have taken the next flight after them whites right out of our communities leaving nothing but impoverishment, a goldmine for outsiders to exploit in the illicit drug trade. More high schoolers each year opt for dropping out of school leaving our graduation rates at dismal numbers. Now we are head first in a manipulated culture that glorifies foolishness and folly over wisdom and righteousness.

See the thing is, in their attempts to socially intermix with the popular culture our forbearers took for granted the things that we already had that made us strong and made us who we were. In thinking that the white man’s ice was colder, they didn’t realize that the white man didn’t have ice at all. He had one of those plastic ice cubes that you buy from Spencers with the fly in it. As Martin Luther King is reported to have spoken in a conversation with Harry Belefonte shortly before he died, he wasn’t even sure if he was “integrating his people into a burning house.” {see the video at the bottom} Well yes the house was burning, and with us living in the trailer out back, we decided it was better to move into a big burning house than to stick it out in the back until the house went ahead and burned down.

When Moses was sent to deliver the Children of Israel from under the rule of Pharaoh and the Egyptians, he did not come to reform Pharaoh or Egypt. He came to REMOVE HIS PEOPLE. No matter what relationship one had forged with an Egyptian, no matter how one felt about Egyptian society, if you wanted to come under the blessing of God, you followed Moses and SEPARATED from your oppressor.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that it’s much easier to look back on life and discern the right path than it is to see it moving forward. But as in an individuals life, if you ever come to the point where you realize that a decision that you have made has lead you down a wrong path it is up to you to first identify this and then make the necessary steps to go back and right your wrong.

At the point in which we stand a physical seperation might be next to impossible seeing as how you cant get some of these negroes to stop identifying with their masters for nothing in the world. What we can do however is take our own Destiny in our own hands and separate ourselves mentally and spiritually from the destructive mindset that was given to us by these masters. I’m not even talking bout just the “Nigga” Mentality, but the House Nigga Mentality as well. That mentality that tell us that one day if we work real hard and be real good we might have all the big shiny things that massa got. As long as we work under their system we will always be slaves to the ones who created and control it.

We live in a time when information flows freely through many channels. Knowledge of the past as well as a myriad of understandings of the present are available to all who seek them. More and more young Afrikans in Amerika enter college each year eager to learn something and do something for their people, yet end up getting a job and lending their energies to the system because they cannot see any concrete movement put in place to do anything with their inherent abilities. We have countless “spooks” sitting by them doors but no one is telling them what to do with the information. RISE UP YOU MIGHTY NATION AND AWAKEN. See it’s hard to come up with a plan for life when you spend all day sleeping in the bed. You gotta get up, orient yourself, then start your day. I am calling for all of my brothers and sisters to first wake up, so that we can collectively orient ourselves in order to begin our Day of Reign in this Universe.

Proverbs 3:31 “Envy thou not the oppressor, and choose NONE of his ways” {Capitolization mine}

Peace and Blessings to all who receive me, and Much Luv to those who don’t….

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