Generation Xed Out

D Walker in TanzaniaBy Demetrius D. Walker

I hardly watch TV since I feel guilty about the multiple other tasks I could be completing while sitting in front of the boob tube.  In the same amount of time I could allow the television to draw away my attention, I could be writing a new chapter in my book, finishing a lecture, improving a marketing plan, or curiously researching a fascinating topic.  Therefore, catching ABC News’ Earth 2100 was indeed a rare and inadvertent event.  I just happened to be looking for the following day’s weather forecast, when I stumbled upon the program and was immediately drawn in, as if I were standing on the event horizon of a black hole.  Earth 2100 painted the picture I had in my mind of capitalism’s dire consequences.

Call me pessimistic, but I believe the Bush Administration ushered in the beginning of the world’s new Dark Age.  As the planet’s role model for success, the United States abandoned all regard for environmental responsibility in favor of economic superiority.  The endless pursuit of oil and relentless control of that resource, clouded and continues to impair this country’s judgment.  We made an excuse to trample on the Middle East to secure a foothold in the region that controls a significant portion of the world’s oil supply.  Instead of exploiting the United States’ greatest competitive advantage, innovation, we allowed our government to barbarically cling to a system of old world industrialism. The planet is now at its breaking point.

I wish I could say humanity was simply trying to find its way and made a mistake, but Ray Charles could have seen this coming.  Oil is a finite resource.  Why did we not invest the trillions of dollars we spent in Iraq on developing alternative energies?  The answer is the powers that be are reluctant to let this oil gravy train come to a halt and stifle their pockets.  The wheels have already started to fall off but we’re still going full steam ahead over a cliff.  With the US as the locomotive, China, India, and other developing super powers are unlikely to give up any ground in constructing their competitive economies.  That means caring for the environment is secondary to capitalism.

Until the world’s superpowers agree to sacrifice their economic pursuits in favor of environmental sustainability, we are doomed.  I used to think the wild events in Revelation were far fetched, but now I see how they may just play out in my lifetime.  Global famine, drought, pestilence, disease, and war are inevitable if we do not immediately change our way of government.  Ruthlessly competing with each other for food, water, and energy can only go on for so long.  As long as capitalism is king I have little hope for humanity.  It was clear to Paul in the first century that “each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others” (Philippians 2:4).  In the 21st, and possibly last century for mankind, the same advice is relevant - we must embrace some form of global socialism if we plan to survive.  If not, we will certainly end up HERE.]]>