Letter to a Stubborn Sista

A poem to a stubborn sista...

Her light complexion mirrors sheets that she covers her face with when the nightmares come...the stubbornness is the key that frees her in between the reality and the split second between cold sweats and heaving breathing

She hesitates sleeping, traumatic occurrences rehearse throughout her brain, and in the moment she hits rem, unconsciously she's insane

REM..reckless emotions masturbating in her head remind her of closets full of skeletons that still play in her deepest memories refusing to die...backwards and forwards..forwards and backwards

Forward is the direction that she aims for, but her past keeps her in reverse, in worse condition...
then her initial state, her past dictates her fate,  as she stares at her reflection she wants to be in a different place, plans of escape, but the bars of jail remain innate, beauty she does see, hard to believe the truth when u can not feel the truth

Forward and backwards...

turned like a radio dial..the frequency has succumbed to the Critical Conditioned Band..the mental bars of her matrix contain constrain and yet maintain her inner being that forces her mainstream creativity underground


Listen to the sound. And feel what walks beneath her feet, a foundation of unique energy, elusive is her rush, a touch, a fingerprint, force your eyes to squint, and locate her evidence, it;s evident, that she is fighting

20khz to 20Hz all in range, the son whose father is Music and Mother was a Soulchild...hears her rush and her struggle inside ...outside...no wonder why shes so stubborn

Teach me how to love...stubbornness is an act of defense, unwanted experience allows her guard up, man up...man down...no man around, no lost & found to locate them, it is her vulnerable state she protects, don't confuse her fear with stubbornness, internally turmoil, she's a mess, so she writes & she writes until its put to rest, but no matter how much ink she spares, she's still scared

So her love has been less which concedes to her stress which like subtle thoughts that drip from her eyes...see the love that she missed has been flipped and split..minus the he in heart the lo in love from the ones who back-burned her backs turned to not show it...now she keeps her guard up.....She can't fight forever

But she'll fight for now.  "Stubborn" she is.

Written by Khiné and Niloufar Hormozdi