Death of Auto-Coon: The Movement

auto-coon-tee-yellowNegative images of Black culture in the media have finally pushed us over the edge.  We're fed up with the stupidity and ignorance.  How much longer will we allow corporations to force feed the general public images of Negroes that do nothing more than degrade our race? While we do not feel there should be one monolithic thought process that persists in the Black Community, we feel the intelligence, sophistication, and ingenuity of our people should be broadcast for the World to see.

In most instances this is not the case.  These days, it seems the major labels are only promoting cookie cutter rapers (I mean uh, rappers) that default to coonish behavior in order to remain relevant.  If we do not take a stand against those who damage the integrity of the Black race in order to profit from ignorance,  we are just as responsible for selling out our race.  People that actively value stupidity over intelligence should not be the poster children of the Hip Hop community. People that default to making a mockery of Black culture gotta go! We're declaring war and starting the movement. Will you join us?  Check out the video and song our brother REO The Emcee laced us with and join the discussion: