The Politics of Machine Gun Machismo

machine-gunBy Demetrius D. Walker

AR - 15s were designed for the US military to quickly and accurately strike enemy forces on the battlefield.  This lightweight machine gun's sole intent is to kill.  Despite these facts, radical 2nd Amendment enthusiasts find it acceptable to suddenly exhibit their gun "rights" in opposition to Obama's healthcare proposal.  This is very odd considering that healthcare has absolutely nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment.  So what is the deeper message being conveyed by these fanatical pistol pushing partisans?  Upon closer examination of their actions, it is apparent that they are fighting to uphold White supremacy and social inequality.

Veiling their anger over the election of the nation's first bi-racial President, these conservative Obama opponents have been itching for outlets to truly express their frustration over "losing" the country since last November.  With Rush Limbaugh and Faux News constantly condoning the hate and branding the modern White supremacist movement, the radical Right has emerged more angry and ignorant than ever.  Because they disagree that all Americans deserve quality health coverage their reaction is to intimidate the President and his supporters with guns?  A rational conservative would concede that Thomas Jefferson declared that Americans "derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness." Yes, the preservation of life is the first and foremost inalienable right promised during America's founding.  How else can the American government preserve life without universal access to proper healthcare?  Opposition to this right reflects a culture of selfishness bred by people who wish to maintain their social dominance.

Let's revisit the Bush Administration.  Where were the gun toters concerned with losing their freedom when GWB signed The Patriot Act?   I don't recall any of these guys greeting President Bush with their preservation of liberty signs and perfectly polished pistols. Could you imagine the speed in which a Negro would have been arrested had he attempted to bring an assault rifle to a Bush rally? Now what if it were a Muslim guy that carried a weapon to a Bush townhall? I can see Faux News running back to back telethons on how anti-American these people must be!  The Muslim guy would be in Guantanamo right now!  Prior to this year, when was the last time morons with firearms were accepted in the vicinity of the World's most prominent leader?  If you were to bring a machine gun to a sporting event, concert, or even the airport your gun "rights" would cease to exist and you would be arrested.  So why then is it acceptable for civilians to carry weapons in locations visited by President Barack Obama?

The race card is the last card I like to pull out the deck, but let's be realistic - It's because he's (half) BLACK!  The local police forces in Arizona and New Hampshire (where the last 2 incidents have occurred) have chosen to turn a blind eye to the severity of these situations, which is highly unusual.  They have no problem with these radical White men that oppose Obama creating a threatening scenario.  In turn, radical Black men on the other side have now exhibited the same right, increasing tensions. If a shootout transpires are they going to shrug their shoulders and say "Hey, we were just protecting the gun liberties of our citizens?"  By condoning weapon exhibition in the proximity of Obama these people are actively promoting a race war.  Who do they think will emerge triumphant in the end????

If Obama makes any comment about these lunatics he will undoubtedly seem like an opponent of 2nd Amendment rights and other so called "freedoms."  Therefore, I believe this is a situation where others in Congress need to step in and assert that this behavior is unacceptable.  A bill needs to be passed that restricts public firearm carry to law enforcement officials within 500 yards of the President.  So for now on, no machine guns at NFL games, Britney Spears concerts, LAX, and oh yeah, near the President....]]>