Legally Disadvantaged

Legally Disadvantaged

A Revolution illegaly couldn't stand it

Arms race held by racist arms, dogs, bombs, police and blazed alarms

...Looking through this glass prism

defining a culture of black symptoms

Rage, hate, tears, death

crying babies





Lynched chest eroding

churches blowing



Trust Us?

You must be jive'n

Maybe we meant to be screwed?

Black skin is tougher..maybe we meant to be bruised?

Worked so hard like...we meant to be used

Again..back to the prism

back to the pen back to the vision

slight sight through the lens backed by the prisons

Childs' play couldn't reside in lines

now we reside in lines

to find time in solitary confinement...time

Again..back to the prison excuse me the prism

refracting the pens lens

red eyes realize the depth of your perception

from culture chocked from bad reception


The lens by thought could clearly feed me

but the lens aint' just on your eyes%3]]>