Revolutionary Daily Thoughts (2/21 thru 2/27)

From the Revolutionary Daily Thoughts posted every day on our facebook page:

  • RDT: "Who'll pay reparations on my soul." -Gil Scott Heron
  • RDT: "Don't integrate...infiltrate. Similar means, different end." -Malcolm D. Turner
  • RDT: "Critical consciousness is not "banned," it is simply smothered behind an ever-growing avalanche of shit. What that means is that, if the density of the stuff doesn't blind you, the stink will surely knock you out." -Kiarri T.H. Cheatwood
  • RDT: "Now is the time for us to come together with one another, to organize, to speak out and to speak up on behalf of each other. There is no time to waste, while we debate, define, and discuss; the enemy continues his genocidal plan." -Mutulu Shakur
  • RDT: "Stand on your own two black feet and fight like hell for your place in the world." -Amy Jacques Garvey
  • RDT: "A child or a nation which is carried too long will never learn to walk." -Sam Greenlee