Assuming Problems are Problems

M.D. Turner

In this political and economic environment the mainstream media loves to talk about all these problems we're having.  The hot buttons being unemployment, health care, failing school system, taxes, energy independence, etc.

The major assumption is that people in political and social leadership are just as incompetent and clueless as the rest of the masses about the solutions to these problems.  Very few people (of any race or culture) seem to mention the possibility that our so-called leaders know exactly what's going on and don't really see these things as problems.

I know for a fact that economic decision-makers completely approve of high unemployment rates from time to time to control the power of labor...aka most of you reading this.  CEO pay has increased constantly over the past several decades and on average they now make over 400 times as much as the average worker in their companies.  But when the average workers salary starts increasing too much, high unemployment is a way to bring those salaries back down.  Someone that's been unemployed for a few months will gladly take a lower salary rather than have no salary at all.  The rich get richer, Paulson.

Is crime a problem when you have your own personal private security?  Only if it gets really bad.  A few percentage points increase in crime stats don't really affect most of the people making the real decisions on Wall Street or Capitol Hill.  The elite just need to prevent revolution and keep a strong middle class as a buffer between them and the poor.

What is war?  Population control and expansionist imperialism.  What is the drug industry?  Job creation for government agencies (DEA, ATF, FBI), money for banks (where do you think drug money goes after it's laundered?), population control, and a source for low-cost labor (prisoners).  What is poor healthcare to the rich?  Population control (as you can see the true minorities on the earth are extremely afraid of large black and brown populations).   What is high unemployment?  Cost control.  As long as it's not bad enough to lead to mass rebellion, it can be maintained.  I'm not saying there is a conscious conspiracy to cause these "problems."  I'm just saying, there's not much incentive for people in power to really fight to solve them in a highly individualistic Euro-centric society like the U.S.

Do you think these corporate executives or their politicians really care about the state of public education when they send their kids to private school?   Maybe a little, but they're not losing much sleep over it.

So the point of all this is to say that we can't rely on leaders that don't relate to us.  Everything you think is a problem, may not be a problem to the people you think are supposed to be providing solutions.  If you assume that your leaders are going to solve your problems for you, you will be constantly disappointed.  Many people, even Democrats, think the government has too much power right now and isn't getting anything done, but we give them that power by relying on them for things we should be doing ourselves.  You have to come up with your own solutions as a community and force your leaders to help implement them or stay out of the way while you implement them yourself.