Video: Tim Wise, the Pathology of White Privilege

M.D. Turner

So, just found out about this guy and spent several hours watching all the videos of him I could find.  I like this guy because he's not professing to be a "good" white person trying to "help" Black people.  What "good" white people need to do is get their own people in line. White folk that think race doesn't matter anymore, or think people of color are the cause of all their problems (e.g. immigration, welfare, crime, etc), need to be educated since they obviously don't listen to the countless Black people who tell them otherwise, so other white people, like Tim, are better suited for this.  When some racist white person in the media says something stupid, which is pretty much all the time, there should be a "good" white person there to counter it with the proper argument that doesn't shy away from the racial issues.  Everyone expects the Black guy to be there on the other side of the argument and pull the race card, but very few expect the privileged white guy to do it, so folks' ears perk up when the white guy does it.  Well, this white guy is doing it, watch and please comment below: