How We Should Celebrate The 4th

Hey you with that BBQ in your hands...what are you doing?  Have you lost your natural mind...yes, yes you have.  I'm about to say some un-American sh*t so get ready.  When I'm done you can tell me to go back to Africa if I don't like it here, and I will reply, "First, I'm planning on it.  Second, unless you're Native American, go the **** back to where you came from too."

Most non-white people don't celebrate white holidays the same as white people (and the 4th of July is definitely a white holiday since everyone else living in America in 1776 was getting royally screwed by white people in one way or why any of us celebrate the independence of slave owners is beyond me).  We just use these days as excuses to get off work and get together with family and friends.  This is a cop out but understandable; and we still end up supporting the same BS we should be fighting.  Like most things in America, it comes down to us all enriching irresponsible corporations and being irresponsible consumers.  So this is how I suggest you celebrate this "Independence Day" and really any holiday that isn't meant for "us":

  1. Fast and do not buy any food...actually, don't buy anything, self control.  Put down the burger fat boy...back away from the table, slowly...slowly...let me see your hands!  If your hungry a** can't go one day without eating, try to get something from a Black-owned establishment.
  2. Do not travel.  Gas is high anyway, save your money.  If you want to see your chat.
  3. Work.  If your job isn't open and you can't do anything to make money, volunteer with a local non-profit organization and make this one big day of service so we can work towards our independence because we definitely don't have it yet.
  4. Read.  Our ignorance causes us to do dumb things and respond improperly to various situations (watching the BET awards, celebrating stupid holidays, letting our kids go to a school system that is meant to destroy their minds, vote for people just because they're Black but don't really do anything to help Black people, support ignorant entertainers, etc).  Read a book and maybe you won't keep doing and saying dumb things.

The reasons behind all these suggestions should be fairly obvious.  If not, you need a lot more help than I can offer in one blog post, but stick with us kid, we'll get you right.  Just start with our reading list and sign up for our Revolutionary Daily Thoughts in the meantime.  If we don't have the will or discipline to take these simple steps towards independence, we don't deserve independence.