Every decade an iconic urban wear line manages to infiltrate all levels of American street fashion. First Cross Colors, then FUBU, and now dN|Be Apparel (dangerousNEGRO Black Empowerment Apparel) has emerged as the street’s choice for edgy, yet fun gear. In this politically charged election year, dN|Be Apparel has seen an enormous rise in popularity due to the socially active messages associated with its clothing. As a result, retailers clamored to get their hands on the line when it debuted at the August MAGIC fashion show. In addition to previously established presence in Brooklyn, Houston and the Bay Area, dangerousNEGRO can now also be found in Manhattan, Atlanta, Detroit, and Orlando stores.

Derived from historical depictions of A. Phillip Randolph and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as “dangerous Negro” leaders, dN|Be Apparel is best known for promoting education and social awareness through its clothing. With the Hip Hop community latching on to social consciousness as the agent of change during the late stages of the Bush Administration, dangerousNEGRO tees have been popping up frequently in music videos. Signature shirt “Smart is the New Gangsta,” is flashed several times in the video for Bun B’s leadoff single “That’s Gangsta.” Furthermore, established artists like dead prez and Royce Da 5’9, as well as up and comers 5th Flow and Reo, all recently made appearances on dangerousNEGRO’s latest free mixtape offering. Rhymefest and Mistah FAB have also proudly donned their dN|Be Apparel and are in talks to contribute to the next mixtape. Hip Hop has found dangerousNEGRO to be the line with the political energy and fashionable swagger to drive its rebellious principles into the future.

Being multi-dimensional has contributed greatly to dangerousNEGRO’s rise in popularity. Not only does the company have a large following with its dN|Be Apparel line, free mixtape series, and strong online presence, dangerousNEGRO is also known for bringing its empowering message to college campuses in the form of public speaking. Marketing Director Demetrius Walker has made dozens of appearances from Northern Michigan University to the New York Institute of Technology in recent months. With a lecture titled “CEOtivated,” Walker has been dangerousNEGRO’s public motivational voice, encouraging entrepreneurship in students of all races.

Seeking to infiltrate all avenues of social, political, and economic empowerment, dangerousNEGRO will undoubtedly continue to stand out in the fashion industry. Along with the expansion of the clothing line, look for dangerousNEGRO to become further entrenched in the Hip Hop industry and the public speaking arena in the near future.

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