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 About the Design

As a Black man or woman in a European-dominated or so-called Western society, you really have three options: 1) assimilate or integrate (there's a big difference between the two) and play their game, 2) refuse to play the game but offer no alternatives, which usually will make you end up in poverty, prison, or dead, or 3) change the game through the pursuit of knowledge and self-determination.  The second option is not really an option if you're not nihilistic or suicidal, so you're left with either "playing the game" or "changing the game."  

If you look at the design and notice the imagery in the "play the game" scenario, you'll see that there is no way to win because the pacman image is surrounded on both sides by the ghosts (enemies).  He's able to get a few rewards/crumbs in front of him, but eventually he's doomed no matter what direction he chooses.  So, while this design may seem like it's offering a choice, it's really offering the suggestion that the only real option is to change the game and make new rules.